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“Ghoulish Glow!”....Recycle..to Recreep it!
This Halloween brew up something gruesome....

Make it yourself ghoulish Halloween luminaries to add a ghastly glow to spooky up
Halloween night. These haunting Halloween decorations are a real scream when hung
from your spookiest tree or archway, or when placed on fences or front porches. You can
even use them on steps to illuminate an eerie path. They are easy to make and the best
part is that it’s a super way to recycle and reuse old glass wear that you are no longer

Hands-on time: under 2 hours.
Total time: add 48 hours to drying and 70 minutes for baking.
Skill: easy and kid friendly with adult supervision.
Cost estimate: Average under $20.00, mainly for the paints, glassware was recycled

Materials & tools:

- 6 glass votives candle-holders (hanging types are available at fine gift stores, regular
formats are available at dollar stores.)
- Paper towels and rubbing alcohol.
- An old baking rack and newspapers.
- Paint for glass in assorted Halloween colours: white, yellow, orange, & black.
(Pèbèo Vitrea 160, with or without applicator), available at craft and art stores.
(Pèbèo Porcelaine 150, for white, needed for an opaque effect).
- Applicator bottles (available at craft stores), or long matchsticks without the ends.
- Craft paintbrush (to paint the inside of the candle holders).
- Water jar (for cleaning your brushes).
- Damp lint-free cloth.
- 6 votive candles.

(Materials for this project are available at arts and crafts stores)

Start with covering your work area with newspapers. Clean the candle holders with soapy
water or rubbing alcohol and paper towels. Wipe dry. Use an old baking rack (preferably
the kind with a grid pattern) to use as a stand while painting the holders, letting the paint
drip onto the newsprint.

The glass paint will create a translucent effect on the inside of the holders; paint the inside
of three in yellow, three in orange and let dry for 24 hours. Place the in a cool oven and
bake according to manufactures instructions. Remove the glass items from the oven only
after they have completely cooled off.

Place the candle holders on the baking rack. Fill the applicator bottles with the desired
paint colours, or use the paint formats that already have applicators. Allow one bottle per
colour. Instead of using an applicator, you can substitute a long matchstick or a small
paintbrush for an applicator.

Lightly squeeze the applicator bottle for the white paint along the outside rim of the
holders, letting the paint drip down the sides. Repeat this step for each of the remaining
colours - yellow, orange and finally black for the dramatic touch. Continue until the holders
are covered in a striped pattern. Let the colors run into each other, but leave some
unpainted areas so that the inside colour show through.

Carefully wipe the inside drippings with a warm, damp cloth, or with rubbing alcohol and
paper towels. Wipe the bottom off if you used a standard candle holder rather than a
hanging one. Allow to dry for 24 hours and bake again.

(I recommend to bake the items in two steps so that the drips from the last step can be
wiped off without removing any of the inside paint).

Once the holders are cooled off, insert votive candles in each one.

Tips: To achieve more of a dripping effect from the paint, Diluant from Pèbèo can be
added to dilute the colours. Practice dripping techniques on clear plastic cups. There are
no mistakes with this project; anything you don’t like can be wiped off with a warm cloth or
rubbing alcohol.

Variations: Children can have fun painting the holders to look like Jack-o’-lanterns, or
with images of black cats or bats. Use toothpicks to make and mark web-like marks in the
dripping paint.
You can use this projects techniques to paint a candy bowl, creepy party plates, or old
wine glasses garnish with Halloween floating candles.
MIY Recycled Craft, for a Sophisticated Halloween Decor
Ghoulish Halloween Votives
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s  Spooky  for  Halloween"
Variations; Ghoulish votives
are idea to light a path,
walkway or garden...they
add a touch of sophisticated
spook to the atmosphere
Recycle, to Recreate.
Made simple.....by using
glass stemware that you are
no longer using...
Line them up on stairs, mixed
with pumpkins and gourds
perfect to light the way!

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