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" f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   Making the Holidays Merry & Bright "
MIY Outdoor Holiday Decor Creations & Inspirations
Fall Creations
you will enjoy!
Make it Yourself Creations...      The Spirit of Making Things ~ Naturally Simple
Deck your outdoor décor scene for the Holidays with something fun, creative and yet
very original.

Transform your fall pumpkins (or new ones) into festive snowman Holiday decorations. It’s a
fantastic and inexpensive outdoor décor concept to decorate the porch, patio, front steps or
entrance way. It’s an amusing project to do with the kids. View
Pumpkin Snowman.

Nothing is more inviting during the holiday season than a sparkling outdoor décor scene to
welcome friends and family. Make your outdoor décor magical with an inviting display of iced
creations such as square gifts or layered cakes shapes and snowmen ornaments. They
make brilliant last minute outdoor décor additions to adorn a cozy porch bench or front steps.
Not only are they quick and easy to make, they virtually almost cost nothing to fabricate.
Basic tip for this project, use items that you already have around your home.
Holiday Outdoor
Decor on Ice.

My neighbours down the street made this very cool North Pole sign. It wins my personal
LOVE IT award. A pole is adorned with painted signs, lights and ribbons. So fun, this will
surely show Santa the way to go!
Recycled Mummy Bottles
Fall impressions ~
Monotones Leaf Trays
Zen Thanksgiving
Fun & Festive Lights ~ For a spirited outdoor decor
As much as I love holiday decorating, the Christmas lights part of it has not been my
favorite part. Each year there’s always a string or two that don’t work, missing and burnt
bulbs and the strings get all tangle up. So to keep things super simple frustration free, I
now use runway light types of holiday lights. They are easy to hang up and take down,
because they are very flexible you can very creative with them. They are idea to create
really unique outdoor decor because you can make festive decorative shapes with them,
use twist ties or wire to fasten a few strings together.

Outdoor lights tips:
Make sure you have everything you need prior to setting out to put up the lights to avoid
back and forth trips, or missing certain items ( such as string, pliers, wires, fasteners, nails,
gloves) while you are right in the middle of installing your lights.

*Every year take pictures of your outdoor décor, that way you won’t be scratching your
head trying to remember how and what you did. A picture also lets you see how you would
like to improve your creations.

*An other simple outdoor decor tip, simple add colourful light bulbs to your lanterns.
Miy Thanksgiving
Apple Torte
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
~ Photos and miy creations by Maddylane ~
Holiday outdoor decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, just warm and welcoming. Keep
your décor budget under wraps by using fresh greenery, by make it naturally simple. I like to
use the trimming from the tree in my flower boxes mixed with branches, pines cones and
berries. Its also the time of year where we trim back a few of the pines trees around our home,
I utilize every piece by making various arrangements with them for both indoors and out. You
can even purchase extra greenery branches to make your decorations at your local
Christmas tree vendor. Our local church even has a greenery sale, inquire in your
neighbourhood. The best way to embellish your outdoor arrangements is to use some of the
holiday decorations that you are no longer using indoors, or that are stlightly tired, add bows,
ribbons and you are good as festive.
Miy Outdoor Holiday Decorating with Nature
MORE....Miy Holiday  Decor  Creations
~ Photos and mosaic by Maddylane ~
Miy Curry Pumpkin Soup

With flu season upon us ~
eating healthy foods is important to
staying healthy.
Miy Curry Pumpkin Soup is good food that
is good for you.

MIY Thanksgiving
Apple & Cheese Torte
Elegant painted glass
tree ornaments
White feathered
wreath and tree
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Miy Currry
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