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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois, MaddyLane Designs

Dish it up with Textures: Don't just paint a dish, texturize it with style!

Hands-on time: Under 1 hour.
Total time: Add 24 hours for the paint to dry and set, plus heat set time in the
Skill: Easy
Cost estimate: Under $20.00 (depending on how many paint colors are

Materials & tools:
• China dish, plate, vase, or bowl in a plain solid colour (new or old)
• Rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth
• Porcelaine 150 by Pébéo, (I used scarlet red 6, saffron orange 4, malachite
green 26, peridot green 30, and black 42)
• Stir sticks
• Paint tray
• Paper towels
• Painter's tape
•  Assorted paintbrushes to create textured patterns: fine round pointed, flat
shader, filbert, angle shader, liner and s-tippling brushes
• Faux-finish comb tool (to create a rake-textured pattern, optional)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts and the above-
mentioned stores.)

This spring add a little zing to you plain chinaware! Dish it up with color and
texture to create style and most original chinaware creations: Transform a
plain china bowls and dishes into a spectacular  colorful creations. You can
create different textured patterns by using assorted paintbrushes or faux-
finishing tools with an array of bright, Porcelaine 150 heat-set paints. The
specialty paints can be set in your own oven, which makes them dishwasher
and oven safe. To top the gift off, fill it with a few of mom's favorite things.

To begin, wash the china item thoroughly and wipe it dry. Then, to prepare it
for painting, wipe the china with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. Stir the
paints before using. Place various Porcelain 150 paint colors in a paint tray.
Prepare a container of water and some paper towels to clean the
paintbrushes between each color application.

If you want to paint a textured pattern on the inside and outside of the china
piece, begin by placing narrow painter's tape on the exterior surface. Apply
the tape in straight and angular line patterns, making geometric shapes
between the strips of tape. You will paint in between the tape pieces.

Start by painting the inside of the piece first. To do so, you can use either a
freehand or stencil design of your choice. I painted a large poppy-style flower
by using a 2cm soft-fibre paintbrush. Let the design dry to the touch (a few
minutes) before applying secondary details like painted leaves, swirls and the
centre of the flower, using a pointed round brush. For finishing accents, I
used a fine liner brush to paint black dots around the floral composition. Some
basic brush rules: wide brushes are used for backgrounds, round brushes for
filling in and fine brushes for detailing.

To paint the exterior of the bowl, turn it upside down. Using the same colors
as you used for the inside, paint different textures and patterns between each
taped-off area. To create a grate-like pattern, use the tip of a flat shader
brush. To achieve a braided pattern, use a filbert tip brush and paint from
bottom to top with a criss-cross pattern. For a basket-weave, use a comb or
flat shader and apply it in straight, short, overlapping strokes.

Want to make a sky effect? Use a stippling brush or the tip of a large round
brush and make a cloud-like pattern. Of course, you can also invent your own
textures by using a combination of brushes or other faux-finishing tools.

Once completed, let your project stand for a few minutes, then remove the
painter's tape. Let it dry completely for 24 hours. Then place the item in an
oven and bake according to the paint directions (at 325 degrees F/160 C for
40 minutes). Using oven mitts, remove it from the oven and set it aside to cool.
Why not create a theme gift for mom? Fill the china masterpiece with
gardening, spa, decorating or gourmet goodies and embellish it with a
gorgeous wide bow.

Variations: Faux-finishing tools can create wonderful modern effects on
china and glassware items. For a contemporary look, transform a plain dish or
serving tray by using a faux-finish comb tool to paint stripes in several bright
colors. Porcelaine 150 paints and outliners can also be used on metal or foil
items. Children can make their mom a trivet by painting a plain tile with a
special picture or message. While spring-cleaning, keep an eye out for old
items you can spruce up with color and texture.
The inside of the bowl is painted
with a large free-hand style
flower. Fine dot details were
added with the liners.

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