Miy Kids ~ Holiday Swirl Dish Gifts
Get creative with your holiday gift list, and make a splash with this super easy
holiday gift dish project for kids. Teachers and parents, this is an excellent project
to do with the kids in a classroom or at home. Last year  my son Hayden made a
dozen or so of these holiday swirl dishes to give them to his teachers, family and
friend gifts. I have to tell you, they were such a huge hit as gifts and as simply
stunning as part of the tabletop decor!

You can make these with the kids, they make fabulous gifts to give to the teachers
with treats!

Hands-on time: Under 30 minutes,
Total time: Plus 24 hours of drying time for the paints to dry and cure, plus heat-
setting baking time in a conventional oven 40 minutes.
Skill: Super easy, a perfect project for kids to make as gifts.
Project cost: Under $20.00.

Materials & tools:

•  A clear glass serving dish or platter (available at home and kitchen accessory
stores, some dollar store have clear dishes, this one was purchased at Bennix)
•  Rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth
•  Newspapers
•  an old baking rack (optional)
•  A soft-tip paintbrush 2.5 to 3.8 cm wide
•  Paint tray, stir stick
•  Vitrea 160, transparent paint for glass by Pébéo, (green)
•  Porcelaine 150, opaque paint for chinaware by Pébéo (red, gold, and copper)
•  Nozzle tip applicator bottles
•  A conventional oven, and oven mitts

(Items for this project are available at arts and crafts stores, and at the above-
mentioned stores.)

Start by covering a work area with newspapers. Use an old baking rack if you have
one (preferably the kind with a grid pattern) to use as a stand while applying swirls
of paint onto the serving plates, letting the paint drip onto the newspapers.

Clean the surface of the glass dish using rubbing alcohol with a soft lint-free cloth
to remove any greasy film residue. Place the dish face-down on the rack or
newspapers and your ready to start.

This project consists of combining two types of water-based and non-toxic paints
made especially for dishes. A large translucent green Christmas tree shape is
painted at the center of the dish using Vitrea 160 glass paint. To add a distinctive
holiday colour appeal, red, gold and copper opaque paint swirls and splashes are
added over the tree shape using Porcelaine 150 paints.

Put some green Vitrea 160 paint in a paint tray and with a wide soft-tipped
paintbrush, let the child paint a large Christmas tree like shape. It can be a simple
tree shape which even resembles an abstract tree shape such as in the project
picture, which will give the festive creation a wonderful modern flair.  

Fill the applicator bottles with the flowing Porcelaine 150 paint colours; red, gold
and copper. Now this is the fun part, using one colour at a time, let the children
simply lightly squeeze and glide the paint filled applicator bottles about 4’ to 6”
above the plates in random swirl-like motions, directly all over the painted tree
plate.  Repeat this step for each of the additional colours until the plates are
covered with colourful overlapping spirals, loops and swirl-like pattern splashes.
The extra colour dripping will drip onto the newspapers. There are no mistakes
with this project; children can get as creative as they please.

Once completed, take a damp cloth and wipe up the paint drippings along the
edges of the splattered design plates. Allow to colourful splash plates to dry for a
24 hour period before baking them, to heat set the and affix the colours
permanently. (If this project is done in a classroom, once the plates are completely
dry, simply send them home with the child and the heating setting instructions for
the parents to heat set them in the oven at home).

Place the holiday glass plates in a cool oven and bake according to manufactures
instructions, at 160 C (325 F) in a an ordinary domestic oven for 40 minutes. Once
the plates are heat set, remove the glass items from the oven using oven mitts,
and set aside to let them completely cooled off before handling. Once the items
are heat set the painted holiday plates are scratch resistant and dishwasher-and-

Children can have fun using the same colour swirl dripping technique to add
colourful touches to other glass or china items such as smaller dishes, cups, and
bowls. You can even do a whole coordinating tabletop setting in the same manner,
from salad bowls to dessert dishes. Holiday tree ornaments can also be fashioned
in the same manner, for the exception that they do not need to be heat set, since
they are simply decorative.

Tips: If a child is not please with his or her artwork, it can simply be wiped off with a
warm cloth or rubbing alcohol and they can simply start over.  Easy soap and
water clean-up for the paint brushes and hands. To create a super fast version of
the above project, Vitrea 160 paints are also available in felt tipped markers, with
the same characteristics and properties as the paints.

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Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois   MaddyLane Designs
“Make and Bake Swirl Gift Dishes”
Materials ~ What you will need.
•Vitrea 160, transparent paint for
glass by Pébéo, (green)
• Porcelaine 150, opaque paint for
chinaware by Pébéo (red, gold, and
•  Nozzle tip applicator bottles
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