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"Chic Personalized Flower Vases for Teachers"
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
Diy Teachers Gifts;  
Recycle to create fun green crafts gifts to give to teachers!

Here is a fun personalized DIY teachers’ gifts that meets the green standard and are sure to be appreciated by all
teachers. Recycling with style, transforming recycled bottled in with colourful texture to create stylist vases. This is an
easy to do project with kids at home. It is about applying an textured effect which is achieved by combining acrylic
paints with a thickening relief medium. Bring colour and personality to yourgift presentation. Once completed you can
decorate the bottle gifts with personalized letters and special words of thank you, and simply add flowers or a candle.

Total time: Less than two hour to make six bottles.
Hands-on time: Plus 24 hours to dry and cure.
Skill: Super easy.
Project cost: Less than $20.00 for the project.

Materials & tools:
•  Glass bottles in assorted sizes and shapes
(recycled wines bottles are perfect)
(Empty and clean bottles thoroughly)
• Newspapers, or plastic type of work mat
• Acrylic paints, in assorted various colours. We used Pébéo Cream of Colour by PBO Deco
(I use pink, red, burgundy, fuchsia, peach, and lavender)
• 1 inch flat paintbrush or a stippling brush
• Small palette knife
• A paint tray, or use recycled plastic container one for each color.
• Pébéo Effect +  by PBO Deco (thickening gel medium, adds texture to acrylic paints)
• Decorative foam letters and shapes of your choice
• Decorative wire (optional, can be wrapped around each vase)

(Materials for this project are available at arts, craft and hardware stores.)

Pébéo Effect + gel medium once mixed with acrylic paint will change its consistency and thickness. It modifies acrylic
paints to be used in infinite ways and for various applications. The thickness of the blended colours produces
handling characteristics that are very close to that of oil paint without changing the colour or opacity of the acrylic
paints. It makes it an ideal medium to use to transform assorted surfaces including plain bottles. It can be use on
various types of surface from wood, metal and even to create very cool works of art on canvas.

Cover your work area with newspapers, or use a plastic liner or an old place mat. Remove bottle labels buy soaking
them in warm water. Make sure that the bottles are clean inside and out, and grease free. Wash them with soapy
water and towel dry. Lighter coloured labels can be left on since they will be covered with a thick textured medium. To
make things even easier while you apply the medium; if you have a Lazy-Susan this is a great project to use it for.
Simply wipe it clean after use.
Start by combining 50% of Pébéo Effect +  with 50% acrylic paint and mix well with a palette knife in a paint tray or in
a small plastic container. The proportions will vary with colour and desired textured effect. Start with small bead like
amounts and add more gel until you have achieved the desired thickness. (2 of acrylic colour to 1 part Pébéo Effect
+). Continue adding Pébéo Effect + slowly if needed, but not to much or shrinkage and cracking may occur during
drying. At higher concentrations, can thicken paint to "cake" or sculptural consistency.

Work on one area of the bottle at a time, starting from the bottom up. Apply the thick colour mixture around the bottle
with a palette knife or paintbrush. In a dabbling like motion create peaks with the palette knife or paintbrush as you
are applying the medium, much like icing a cake. Continue this process until the bottle is completely covered. You do
not need to apply the medium underneath of the bottles. Once all the bottles are completed, they will dry to the touch
within about 4 hours. Let them air dry and cure at room temperature for 24 hours; depending upon thickness applied
to the bottles.

Pébéo Effect + produces a matte surface sheen when dry. A varnish topcoat is not required; however for fun finish
apply a high gloss varnish. Or to give the coloured textured vases a shimmering look applying dabs of silver metallic
gel with a cloth; dab it on and wipe it off.

Adorn your revamped colourful bottle arrangement with beautiful flowers and foam letters or shapes. Beads can also
be used to embellish your creations.
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