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Miy St-Patrick's fashion Fun Feature
make-it-yourself Green St-Patrick's Costumes
Just for the fun of it.

St-Patrick's Parade are always so much fun. Hudson Quebec had its very first St Patrick's
parade this year. It was a big success everyone got involved. A group of us got together to
make a float for the Hudson music festival. My friend Karen wanted to have a Mr & Mrs
Lucky Charm outfits. This is what we did, Creative co-creations are always so much fun.
Fun buttons with irish saying are a St-Patrick's parade tradition. You can make your own
buttons. Use shamrock sticker as temp tattoos. Colours wigs, hats and glasses are all part of
the dress up festivities.
My favorite St-Patrick's fashion must have ~ A great big Smile ;)
Cheers ~ Enjoy!

We made these outfits for my friends with things they already had. They are Mr & Mrs
Lucky Charms. Iron on art is fabulous to make such fun costumes.
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For a little Luck of the Irish

By simply going through very accessories that you already have you can created fun and
festive St-Patrick's costumes. Pink boa, white gloves. Using Pebeo Touch Textile, I painted on
the words Mrs Lucky Charms on a wide pick ribbon that Karen wore as a sash. Pink nylons, a
white coat and green and beer fun hat. Karen had found a vintage shamrock bathing suit at the
local rummage, I added white tulle and a pick center band to sew the pieces together.
Miy Spring & Easter Retro Collage
vases ~ looks like stain glass
Miy Home Decor trends
Mr lucky Charms outfit consisted of black pant and vest, topped with orange hair, a fun hat
and glasses. I recieved a lot of mail today asking me where these t-shirts can be made. Its
very simple you can make these at home using your own printer. I basically made a Lucky
Charms logo design in photoshop, saved the file as a jpg an then printed it on T-shirt paper
especially for dark fabric (in order to iron it on this black shirt.. Iron on for a few minutes and
Voila ~ your very own designer St-Patrick's T-shirt!
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