“ Retro Collage Vases ”

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Miy Easter & Spring Decoration project; “Colourful Celophane collage”

Hands-on time:
About two hours.
Total time: plus drying time, window gel becomes translucent in 24 hours.
Skill: Easy.
Cost estimate: $8.00 to $12.00.
(Cost of vase can vary, and total cost of project depends on how many cellophane
colours are used).  

Materials & tools:
Glass vases of choice (in any shape or size)


Cellophane paper in assorted colours (I used orange, amber, yellow, red, purple and
lavender colours)

A circle template, a compose or any circle shape to use with a fine marker or pencil


Arti’stick window paint colours by Pébéo.
(I used the following colours; 13 clear, and 01 Yellow) Available at various art stores

Disposable cups (paper, plastic or Styrofoam)

A flat soft paint brush

(available at art and craft supply stores)

Go Retro this spring by creating your own groovy-style vases to add colour-play to
any floral display. It's an innovative way to transform ordinary glass vases into unique
vibrant décor accents with stained glass appeal.

Cellophane collage with assorted circle sizes and colours, are applied directly onto a
vase with a brush and Arti’stick window paints. This glass medium serves a dual
purpose, as an adhesive and once it dries it becomes translucent, thus creating a
stain glass effect which also acts as a vanish or topcoat to protect the cello-collage.
Arti’stick window paints for glass is so easy to use, it was originally created for
children’s crafts. It’s a modern medium made to jazz up decorative accents.

To prepare the surface, wash the vase with soapy water and carefully dry it. Cover
your work area with newspapers.

Layer several colours of cellophane paper over each other, then overlap and fold
them to make (form) a square. With a circle template, a compose or any circle shape
(or any other shape you prefer to use), draw assorted circle shapes onto the
cellophane paper. In order to secure the cellophane papers together, and to keep
them from slipping, hold tightly while you cut around the shapes. Repeat until you
have enough circle shapes for your project.

Pour some of the clear (or colour of choice) Arti’stick window paint into a cup or a
paint tray.
I used Arti’stick window paint in clear for the taller vase with assorted cello colours
and I used yellow window paint for the smaller vase which I made using yellows, red
and orange colours.

Working on one section at a time, apply Arti’stick window paint with a paintbrush
directly onto the vase. Apply coloured cello circles randomly (or strategically) around
the vase, layering them and overlapping them with the window paint medium.  Apply
the shapes closely together or for a contemporary look, leave spaces between
shapes, alternate and overlap the colours, placing as many shapes or as little as you
want to create the look you want to achieve.

To finish, apply a thin coat of the clear or colour window paint over the entire vase
with a soft paintbrush and let dry. Set aside and allow it to dry for 24 hours until paint
is translucent. This will give the entire vase a stained glass look, it will also act as a
top coat and it will permanently leave the circles pieces in place. Fill with water and
add your floral arrangement.

Tips: The Arti’stick medium is for decorative purposes only, do not immerse the finish
projects in water.

Variations: Arti’stick window paints work well on a variety of other home décor items,
such as mirrors, glass lamp bases, glass or plastic lampshades, candles, candle
holders, tiles, jars to plastic accessories and especially windows. You can also
incorporate assorted beads and glass nuggets to any of these projects.

Arti’stick window paints can used with a paintbrush, a spatula or faux-finishing tolls to
create unique effects.

These window paints can also be used to decorate assorted surfaces such as paper,
cardboard, metal or wood. The paints become permanent if used on these surfaces
and cannot be unstuck again, however the results can be spectacular.

Keep your children busy and let them create their own works of art to decorate their
bedroom mirrors, and windows. Children can achieve fun results making whimsical
sun catchers or decorative stickers for their note books or for the refrigerator.

To Create Fun Retro Easter Eggs Decorations; paint plain wooden (or hollow)
eggs, silver and apply Arti’stick window paints directly on and around it’s surface. Or
make assorted spots or circles onto plastic, vinyl or glass sheets, let them dry for 24
hours and then peel them off and apply the shapes to the painted eggs; Colourful,
easy and fun!
Miy Easter Project: Easter Retro Collage Creations
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