“Over-Easy Elegant Easter Eggs”

Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Maddylane

Miy Easter project; Pretty Paper Easter Eggs

Hands-on time: Approximately one hour to do one dozen eggs.
Total time: Plus drying time for the decoupage medium, and the top coat (2 hours).
Skill: Super Easy and child-friendly.
Project cost: Under $15.00.

Materials & tools:
•   Eggs shapes; wooden, blown-shells, compressed-Styrofoam, ceramic, or paper
mâcher - your choice
•   Acrylic paint primer (optional)
•   Paintbrush
•   Paper art napkins or tissue paper with pretty designs in the colours of your choice
•   A paint tray or small container
•   Decoupage medium, (I used Decoupage Napkin Technic by Pébéo Deco, but  Mod
Podge or diluted white glue can also be used).
•   Scissors
•   Wood skewers (to use during handling and for drying)
•   Clear top coat, varnish or decoupage medium (optional for a shiny look)

(materials are available at arts, crafts stores)

Easter is almost here as we are getting in gear with decoration preparations of fresh
flowers, Easter Egg Trees, baskets and bunny rabbits. Here’s an “egg-cellent” and
yet so simple last minute idea. Create elegant and stylish decorative Easter eggs
using pretty napkin papers and decoupage medium. This is an excellent project to do
with the kids. They also make wonderful decorative accents all year round too.

Purchase two or three different packages of paper napkins that coordinate in style,
theme or colours. To decorate your eggs you can use traditional Easter pastel
colours or you can get creative by using unusual colours such as reds, blues, or
browns to match your décor. I used a combination or reds, chicks in nests and toile

Put some decoupage medium in a paint tray or small bowl (jar lids can also be used).
Depending on the type of egg you are using, insert a small stick or twig into
Styrofoam eggs will make it easier to paint and dry them. Get the paper napkins
ready. Remove or peel off the inside paper lining and cut or tear small pieces of the
art tissue paper. Scissors or decorative edged scissors can be used to cut out
assorted shapes, or bands.

Apply a base coat to wooden or paper mâcher eggs. Once painted place the sticks
with the inserted eggs into a Styrofoam base, cardboard box or in a steady jar to let
them dry.

Using a paintbrush or sponge brush apply the decoupage medium around the egg
shapes. Apply and place assorted pieces of napkin paper shapes, designs or bands
all around the eggs. Add more pieces of paper overlapping and re-applying the
decoupage medium as you go. When the eggs are fully covered, smaller paper
shapes or designs can be added, and set aside until dry.

Once the decoupaged eggs are completely dried, seal and topcoat the eggs with two
or three coats of the decoupage medium or a clear shinny varnish of your choice.
Once dry, if desired you can decorate the eggs further using assorted findings.

Display the elegant decorative eggs stylishly on a cake plate stand as a centerpiece,
or in a large bowl, vase or under a glass dome. Line the bottom of a plate, glass
vases or glasses with a nest like layer of coloured paper shreds. For the kids or
dinner guests place eggs in an egg cups or small baskets. For a sleek industrial look
use metallic papers napkins and present them in a stainless steel bowl. These
decorative eggs make great decorative accents that you can keep for years to come.

Variations:  This is a super project to do with children; to make it even easier they
can use hand-ripped pieces of plain tissue paper is assorted colours. The
decoupage technique can also be used to decorate assorted items around your
home from as picture frames, decorative boxes to even furniture.
An other “egg-cellent” idea is to use 3-D Touch paints by Pébéo directly from the
nozzle tip applicator to write a personal message or a person’s name onto the
decorated eggs. To further embellish your Easter eggs they can be adorned with
assorted pretty notions that you have around your home, such as sequins, ribbons,
lace remnants, sparkles, glitter glue, seed beads, rhinestones, buttons and even
scrapbooking trimmings.

Notes: For this project I used a new decoupage medium by Pébéo Deco called
Decoupage Napkin Technic. It is a new products and therefore it is not quite available
everywhere yet. After much testing I did however find that the Decoupage Napkin
Technic product provides a far greater quality and finish to projects with no bleeding
whatsoever to coloured paper or images as compared to regular Mod-Podge.
Miy Easter Project: Easter Egg Pretty Paper Creations
C r e a t i o n s  & I n s p i r a t i o n s
"f o r   t h e   p u r e   j o y   o f   m a k i n g   t h i n g s"
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Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
~ by MaddyLane Designs ~ Madeleine Langlois
© All Rights Reserved  2007-2020
Photos and miycreations projects are copyrighted
~ by MaddyLane Designs ~ Madeleine Langlois
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