Miycreations Project by Hayden's Grade 4 class
article and photographs
by  Maddylane (Madeleine M Langlois) and Hayden Paterson

Father's Day Gifts: Kids can design and personalize their own gifts for Dad with
Textile Pébéo Touch 3D relief paints.

Hands-on time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the details of your artwork.
Total time: Needs to set for 24 hours to dry and cure
Skill: Super Easy. For children of all ages. Its a great classroom project or rainy day activity.
Cost estimate: $5 to $15.00 (Cost will vary depending on how many different colours of paints
you utilized and the cost of the item painted).
Miy Father's Day Gifts
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~ Special Miy Father's Day Features ~
Making special and personalized gifts for Dad ~ made easy with items you already have.

~ Miy Father's Day Personalized Gifts ~ Special Feature
Dad will surely be touched by these special creations

Miy Father's Day Personalized Gifts ~
The Classroom Video
to view the vidoe in French Click here
Materials & Tools
For this Father's Day Class creations the children where asked to bring various items of
their choice to make their own Father;s Day gifts, from T-shirts, Caps, photo frames to
rocks. These eco gifts for Dad where to be made with an items brought from home.
•  Newspapers or craft table cloth
•  Textile Pébéo Touch 3D relief or regular Touch paints by Pébéo in assorted colours and
(Materials for this project are available at arts, crafts, and fabric stores.)

Pre-wash clothing items, dry and iron the t-shirts of fashion items to be used. For
optimum color adhesion, do not use bleach or softeners. Place a piece of cardboard
between two layers of fabric to prevent the color from seeping through.
You can secure the t-shirts to a work area by placing painter’s tape on the sides along the
borders of the items, for stability while drawing on the t-shirts.
The children chose various design themes and subjects of things that their fathers
like, such as sports, Soccer world cup flags, golf, sailing...
The children made such fabulous fabric gift creations for their father's, on T-shirts and Caps

Apply the paint colours straight from the tube. To use touch Textile on the fabric, simply
press lightly and glide evenly. Children can follow a design of their choice, or work
free-hand such as loops, swirls, lines, checks, dots, curves or funky graffiti-style artwork.
Once the child is finished or satisfied with the composition, remove the cardboard. Set the
T-shirts aside to let air dry and cure completely at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
Allow to dry up to 48 hours in moist conditions or when paint is thickly applied. Wait at least
48 hours before washing the newly decorated fabrics. The t-shirts creations will withstand
machine washing and drying.  You will be amazed on how bright the colours remain.
Some children made their father's creations on picture frames, on mugs, on rocks, recycled
CD's which can be use as coasters, on aprons and ties, and made cards on paper. They
all great gifts ideas, dad will surey be touched.

Heat-setting and care; Heat setting is not required with the NEW Touch Textile tubes.
They are especially formulated to simply air dry and self set. Can be washed at 40 Deg C
72 hours after application. Short wash with no softener.
Air dry only.

Variations: Other items that can be personalized for Dad are; hats, belts, running shoes,
head bands, helmets, sports bags, canvas shopping bags, beach sandals.

Touch products can also use decorate various items and accessories in your child
bedroom, such as pillows, curtains, desktop accessories, and various decorative items,
from frames to shelves.
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