Miycreations Project article and photographs
by  Madeleine M Langlois

Father's Day Project: Pocket Change Dish "Fly-Fish Dish"

A Dish that Dad Can't Resist

Hands-on time: 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the details of your artwork.
Total time: Needs to set for 24 hours prior to baking in an oven for 45 minutes.
Skill: Easy. For versions children can do, see project variations below.
Cost estimate: $5 to $15.00 (Cost will vary depending on the cost of the glass dish and on how
many different colors of paint you use).

Materials & Tools
•  Glass dish (available at gift shops and dollar stores)
•  Glass Paints and markers in assorted colors (by Pébéo Vitrea #160, available at craft and
art stores)
•  Frosted felt-tip pen (by Pébéo Vitrea #160, available in clear and several colors)
•  Paint tray
•  Paintbrushes in assorted sizes
•  Water jar (for cleaning your brushes between colors)
•  Damp cloth, clean rag or paper towels
•  Pencil, tracing paper, desired motif or design, and tape

Need an idea for an original Father's Day gift? How about a decorative glass fly-fish dish! Or
personalize dad's gift dish with a design from his favorite hobby like golf, his tool shop, car or
sports logo. This unique gift is perfect for his pocket change, mad money, paper clips or to
use a paperweight.

Wash and dry the glass dish to prepare the surface for painting. Size your chosen design to fit
at the center of the dish. Trace a design onto tracing paper if needed, or reduce or enlarge a
design with a photocopier. Use tape to apply the design at the back of the dish.

First, I applied white paint over my main design area as a base to make the colors more
opaque, this step is optional. Pébéo Vitrea paints are quick drying and tack free in only
minutes, then paint in the design with the heat-set glass paints using fine paintbrushes for
detailing. Several colors can be added. You can also add a border details around the rim of
the dish. Once the main design is dry apply a clear frost medium around the design at the
center of the dish with a clear frost felt pen.

Remove the paper design from the back. Let the dish set for 24 hours. Place the dish in a cool
oven and bake according to product directions (at 375 f for 45 minutes). Remove from the
oven using oven mitts, and let the dish cool. This is a gift dad is sure to treasure on his night
table, dresser or at his office.

•  If you painted something that you are not pleased with, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth,
and continue to paint or start your masterpiece over again. Once the dish is baked, the colors
are permanent. Pébéo glass paints are non-toxic, scratch resistant, dishwasher and oven
safe. To add fine detailing and outlines to any glass project, glass paint felt tip markers and
liners are also available by Pébéo Vitrea.

•  There are several types of glass paints available on the market, available in a variety of
price ranges and colors. Read the labels to see what type of glass paint is best for your
chosen project and purpose. Delta Transparent glass paints need a surface conditioner to
apply to the project as a base, they are microwave safe, oven safe, yet not recommended for
food consumption. Gallery Glass paints by Plaid and Liquid Rainbow paints by Deco Art are
mainly used for decorative items, they are not scratch or water resistant. Unlike the Pébéo
glass paints that require baking, the glass paints just mentioned don't required heat setting,
they can simply be air dried.
•  The dish can also be utilized as a magnet paper clip tray, simply glue a small flat magnet in
the center, under the dish with clear silicone and let dry.

•  Create a contemporary design by painting freehand. Or, literally use a free hand; with
mom's help, younger children can trace and paint an outline of their hand on the dish (use
glass-paint felt-tip markers or liners by Pébéo Vitrea #160). The felt tip markers can also be
used to write the child's name and date on the dish's rim.

•  For a super-easy version that children can achieve in no time, have your child draw a
picture, perhaps of dad or themselves, or use a drawing they have already made. Photocopy
the design onto a clear acetate to fit at the center of the dish (or under it, if you wish) then
glue the image to the glass base using Mod-podge or spray adhesive (to be used by adults

•  Utilizing the same concept as the project described above, paint a plain glass or beer mug
with fish, golf tees or greens, for dad to use as a pencil holder to go with his stylish dish. Have
your teenager fill the glass with chore coupons, like cutting the grass, washing Dad's car, or
helping him with a project around the house, or with free time coupons to go fishing, golfing or
whatever he wishes.
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