“Holiday Outdoor Décor on Ice”

Nothing is more inviting during the holiday season than a sparkling outdoor
décor scene to welcome friends and family. Make your outdoor décor magical
with an inviting display of iced creations such as square gifts or layered cakes
shapes and snowmen ornaments. They make brilliant last minute outdoor décor
additions to adorn a cozy porch bench or front steps. Not only are they quick and
easy to make, they virtually almost cost nothing to fabricate. Basic tip for this
project, use items that you already have around your home.

Hands-on time: half an hour at the most.
Total time: plus 4 hours for the ice shapes to freeze,
depending on size.
Skill: Super quick and easy.
Cost: Pennies per ice creation.

Materials & tools:

-Square shaped cake pan molds
-Cookie or chocolate-making snowman molds
-Assorted sequins, beads, sparkles and iridescent snowflakes
-Metallic ribbon (the kind used to decorate gifts)
-Cranberries, pine cones and pine branches
-Large platter or tray
-Wire edged ribbon (sheer mesh types work best for outdoor decorations)
-Decorative wire
-Fuzzy fun wool (to make scarf accents for the ice snowmen ornaments)

(All these items are available at craft and dollar stores)

Snowman ornaments: Fill the snowmen shaped cookie or chocolate molds with
water. Add sparkles and iridescent flakes, and then place the mold into a freezer
(or outdoors weather permitting) for a few hours. Once the shapes are set,
remove and decorate one iced snowman shape at a time.

Wrap a 20 cm wire length around the scarf neck area of the snowman. To hang
the iced ornaments form a V-shape hook by bending the wire length at the back
of the snowman. Make him a quick scarf by wrapping a fuzzy wool length several
times around the neck wire area. Fasten the two wool lengths with a knot to
secure into place and let the ends drape onto one side, like a real scarf. Theses
impressive iced ornaments are now ready to be hooked unto outdoor garlands,
wreaths or along a fence or a light post.

Iced gift presentation: Fill a couple of square pans half way with water and add a
few decorative items such as metallic ribbon lengths, beads, sequins, sparkles
and a few cranberries. Place the pans in a freezer onto a flat surface and let
them set for an hour or so. Remove from the freezer and add more decorative
accents of your choice. Add more water about 1.3 cm from the rim. Place the
pans back into the freezer or outdoors and let it set for a few more hours, until
frozen solid.

To remove the frozen shapes from the pans, let the moulds sit on the counter for
about 10 minutes or wrap a warm towel around the mold to release the shape.
Flip each pan one at a time over a sink and into your hand, turn the ice shape
over and place it onto a presentation platter.

For a festive flair decorate the frozen gift boxes or layered cake creations by
enwrapping them with wide wire ribbons. Use mesh ribbons, they are least likely
to color blend. Garnish the presentation with fresh greenery, cranberries and
pine cones.

Surround the platter with tiny outdoor lights and let your ice decor glow in the
dark winter night.
Place various wrapped gifts around the arrangement for an elegant touch.

Variations:  Create your own inspiring ice creations by using assorted shapes of
pans and molds that you already have, from rectangular, to circular bunt cake
Stylish ice luminaries are just as simple to make in various sizes. For small
luminaries, place tiny pines cones into a loaf pan and fill with water. Add two tea-
light candles and place into freezer.

To make larger luminaries use ice cream buckets or large plastic pails. Center a
rock filled jar in a bucket, fill with water, and place outdoors until frozen. Remove
rocks and pour warm water into the jar in order to release it. Release the frozen
shapes from the bucket as mentioned above. Place candles at the center.
Illuminate a path for your guest and place rows or clusters of ice luminaries along
a driveway or path. Add them to large planters placed on either side of a door for
delightful arrangements incorporating greenery and berries.

Ice luminaries make fabulous indoors décor accents, as centerpieces, for a front
hall or a coffee table arrangement. They add a sublime atmosphere to dinner
parties or gatherings.

Tips: To spare some room in your freezer during the holidays, especially if you
are making several ice creations and luminaries, simply keep and freeze them
outdoors (as long as the temperature remains below the freezing point).

In order for the ice to remain clear, spray the ice formations with water once in a
while. For colorful ice creations, add a few droops of red or green food coloring
to the water.

Using ice creations indoors, sprinkle clear gelatine crystals or instant decorative
snow (available at florists, gift and décor stores) around the edges of the ice
shapes in order to absorb the melting water. Or you can opt to use a larger
platter or dish with raised sides or edges.
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